the practice

I look forward to working with you, and will be happy to discuss all your questions and further details over the phone before the first visit.

Rye, NY

Juan Rivolta, MD, PLLC, can be defined as a Psychiatry “micro-practice”: a one-doctor, small-footprint medical practice with the goal of decreasing overhead cost in order to spend more time with patients and provide the best psychiatric care possible. 

A micro-practice limits the size of the patient population, allowing for patient-centered work, and fostering a strong patient-doctor relationship.

My focus at the practice is medication management intended to help children and young adults who suffer from common psychiatric illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, attention/concentration, impulse control, and other mood disorders. Supportive psychotherapy is offered as an integral component of the visits.


Typical consultations include a 90-minute visit for the initial psychiatric evaluation, and 30-minute follow-up visits. Follow-ups generally occur weekly for the first month, or until the optimal medication dose is achieved, and should occur monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly after that, depending on symptom control and stability. 

Juan Rivolta, MD, PLLC is a fee-for-service outpatient Psychiatry office, and services rendered must be paid for at the end of each visit. Fees are fixed for initial evaluations and follow-up visits. The practice does not participate in health insurance plans, and I do not directly invest in, or receive any compensation from, pharmaceutical or other health care industries. 
The practice is not equipped to care for severely ill or high-risk patients, or manage psychiatric emergencies, and it does not provide coverage outside weekday business hours. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Department. 
Rye, NY