Understanding drug addiction and recognizing it in yourself or others

Occasional drug use, such as misusing an opioid to get high, can have similarly disastrous effects, including impaired driving and overdose. Both disrupt the normal, healthy functioning of an organ in the body, both have serious harmful effects, and both are, in many cases, preventable and treatable. If left untreated, they can last a lifetime and may lead to death. People struggling with addiction usually deny that their drug use is problematic and are reluctant to seek treatment. An intervention presents a loved one with a structured opportunity to make changes before things get even worse and can motivate someone to seek or accept help.

  • As addiction progresses, the psychological and life problems it causes tend to increase—and the trap can feel too deep to climb out of.
  • Per the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), signs of drug use in adolescents include acting withdrawn, tired, depressed, or hostile.
  • You get defensive or belligerent with loved ones or colleagues who want to know what’s going on; they notice peculiarities about your behavior or appearance that you are not likely to recognize.
  • For more help from our co-author, like how to look for signs of crack cocaine use, scroll down.

House Bill 4522, sponsored by Rep. Kelly Breen, D-Novi, gives the circuit courts the power to institute or adopt family treatment courts and framework for family treatment programs. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed bills that expand access to drug treatment options and ban the sale of ‘whip-its’ – nitrous oxide canisters available at grocery stores and gas stations that people huff to get high. For people in Aroostook, the only Maine judicial jurisdiction without a treatment and recovery court, the closest https://ecosoberhouse.com/ option is in Calais, more than 130 miles away from The County’s population center. American teenagers are increasingly using a psychoactive substance called delta-8, sparking concerns the compound could pose a serious public health risk, a nation-wide study has found. Drinking alcohol three days in a row is not good for you, but it’s not necessarily considered binge drinking either. Whether it’s considered binge drinking will depend on how much alcohol you consume each day and over a week or month.

Signs of Drug Abuse/Addiction by Drug

Taking steps to address this problem may save your loved one’s life. If you believe that your loved one is, in fact, abusing drugs or alcohol, talking to them about getting help is critical. If you or a loved one need treatment for a drug or alcohol use disorder, you can search recovery resources by zip code or call The Recovery Village. Representatives are available to take your call, signs of drug use answer your questions about addiction and treatment and guide you toward a program that meets your needs. To get started with comprehensive substance use disorder treatment, contact The Recovery Village today. Fortunately for concerned family members and friends, many characteristics of addiction are easy to identify, and many types of drug addictions share similar signs and symptoms.

signs of drug use

For some individuals, substance abuse begins when they start socially experimenting with various substances. This can be the case with drugs such as amphetamines, alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs. Drastic changes in mood can occur in substance use disorders, along with hypersensitivity and increased irritability.

What are the possible complications of substance use disorder?

The term dependence refers to the fact that the brain has adapted physiologically to the substance of abuse. Dependence specifically refers to the effects of the process of neural adaptation to a psychoactive substance. It is a common feature of addiction, but not the totality of the more complex disorder. If your drug use is out of control or causing problems, get help. The sooner you seek help, the greater your chances for a long-term recovery. Talk with your health care provider or see a mental health provider, such as a doctor who specializes in addiction medicine or addiction psychiatry, or a licensed alcohol and drug counselor.

  • “What are some signs and symptoms of some[…] a drug use problem?
  • If you or your loved one are exhibiting signs of addiction but you don’t know where to turn, American Addiction Centers (AAC) can help.
  • Consider how a social drinker can become intoxicated, get behind the wheel of a car, and quickly turn a pleasurable activity into a tragedy that affects many lives.
  • Your loved one may become defensive when asked about where they’ve been, what they’ve been doing, or who they’ve been hanging out with.

Drug and alcohol addictions are diseases, but they are treatable. When you’re wondering how to tell if someone is using drugs, physical signs can be your first indicator, followed by behavior and psychological changes. Most people with substance use disorder who commit crimes in Aroostook County must recover behind bars. Access in The County to a treatment and recovery court could break the cycle for some, according to experts. Some people may develop conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, or experience gastrointestinal issues, like nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, but those symptoms are rarer.

Signs of Drug Use: What To Look Out For

What looks like addiction could be an experimental phase or a form of stress management. But a real addiction, if left untreated, can develop into a debilitating habit or increased risk of illness. Drug addiction, also known as substance use disorder, is a disease that affects a person’s brain and behavior and leads to an inability to control the use of a legal or illegal drug or medication. When you’re addicted, you may continue using the drug despite the harm it causes.

signs of drug use

Substances users often become so preoccupied with getting and using that they forego eating and suddenly lose weight. Another sign of addiction is a shift in sleep and wake patterns—sleeping too much or too little, or at unusual times. Opioids include both prescription painkillers, like Vicodin and OxyContin, and the illicit drug heroin.

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